CrossFit BattleCry – Kettlebell Club

Shoulder warm up (kb) (No Measure)

30 push ups

3x 30 plank taps

3x 10 sec arm bar stretch ea. arm

5 point band sequence

5 Minutes Jump Rope (No Measure)

Metcon (Weight)

5x 50m overhead carry each arm

Complete 5 snatches at every 25 meters.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

5 rounds NFT

100 double unders

50 Russians swings

Cool Down

Shoulder Wall rotation

banded shoulder stretch

kettlebell or slam ball shoulder smash

couch stretch

wall decompression


CrossFit BattleCry – CrossFit

Squat warm up (No Measure)

10 Sumo Squats- Rock side to side and around in the bottom

20 Jumping jacks

1 min. low wall sit

10 air squats

10 lunge and twist

10 rocking child’s pose

20 cross body mountain climbers

6 Knee tuck jumps as high as possible

Isabel (Time)

For Time: 30 Snatches, 135# / 95#
For BattleCry modify snatches to any version with any weight. For example: dumbbell or kettlebell snatches, hang power or power snatches with a bar, etc…

Luna (Renegade) (AMRAP – Reps)

Amrap 5:

10 Alt front rack reverse lunges 155/105

15 C2B

20 UB dubs

**Rest 3 min, then repeat**

***Score = lowest set***

Luna (Battlecry) (AMRAP – Reps)

Amrap 5:

10 Alt goblet reverse lunges 95/65

15 Pull ups

40 Singles

**Rest 3 min, then repeat**

***Score = lowest set***

Cool Down 2 (No Measure)

Cool Down

Walk 50 Meters

5 Sumo Squat Stretch

10 Leg Swings Each Side

1Min Pigeon Pose Ea Side