Had some newbies today!!!!!!  BooYA! Best job in the world! Also began laying out our Life Change Challenge Starting this Friday. Looking to make big strides of progress.





5×2  Pause HBBS (GO Heavy w/Good Form)

5×3 OHS

WOD – 21-15-9


KB Swing 35/26

Bar Roll Out

Over Bar Lateral Jumps


KB Swing 70/35

Bar Roll Out

Over Bar Lateral Squat Jumps


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Hang Squat Clean 6 x 3

Wod  7 Rounds for Reps

Fitness Rx

1 Min M.E. Push Press 65/45

1Min Rest

1 Min M.E. Pull ups

1 Min Rest

Games Rx

1 Min M.E. Push Press 135/95

1 Min Rest

1 Min M.E. C2B

1 Min Rest

Warriors- Come out to plaaaaaay!


Today the Armor Warriors showed up in full effect to blast off BattleCry. Tomorrow we do work

Back Squat 8 x 5

6 box jumps 24/20
12 BSU
8 burpee box jumps 30/24
20 BSU

For the month of June – Free WODing for everyone. Just stop by and check us out and help us spread the word!!!!

Day 17

Team Work made the Dream Work. Thats the truth. I can only take credit for being part of an awesome team that begins with immediate friends and family and stretches out to every other individual who has somehow, someway played a part in this event we now call Battlecry. Today we measured out our one mile run, stretched, foam rolled and did a short and sweet WOD. Its kinda crazy when I think that it all started with my sister Ashley telling me to just start writing the darn business plan. Fact is, once I put pen to pad this whole thing just started rolling all by itself. So, Thank You GOD for this dream come true and everyone of you who has supported me along the way. This Sunday morning we will officially run the Clock for the first time and sound off our first 3,2,1, GO! Monday morning we will be open for business! For the month of June – Free WODing for everyone. Just stop by and check us out and help us spread the word.

Day 14- Almost there

boxphoto22 boxphoto23 boxphoto24 boxphoto25 boxphoto26 boxphoto27








Okay, so this blogging stuff is still new to me and I still have to get used to writing everyday. I used to be able to go a couple days without actually getting on my desktop. Now, its going to be a daily thing. Since the last post, a lot has been happening. Attended the CF Strongman Cert. in Melbourne, Beach Wod with the Armor CF Crew, Father’s Day, oh and a whole lot of work on the box. Today, the first pieces of our rig went up and I can’t wait to get on it and start squatting. The next two days will be spent finalizing the box and then we will officially be OPEN!!!!

Day 10 – Hands to the grind stone, Head to the stars


Been so busy i didnt event post yesterday. Today has been one of those days when you wonder how your even standing. If it wasnt for the wacky bunch at Armor this morning keeping me entertained. I would have just passed out. The devil is definitely in the details but its the details that make us who we are. Today was nonetheless another productive day. We are working on a punch list of items with a hard working bunch. Special props to my boy Nacho who has been here grinding it out with us day in and day out.

Day 8 – Adaptability

photo 1-1Day8DAY8logo photo 3-1


We train for many reasons. Some for strength, speed, agility, etc…. To achieve these goals we place our bodies under stress and it responds by adapting to that stress. Today it was my mind that was stressed. Things don’t go the way you plan em. More importantly tho is the ability to adapt to this stress and become resilient. No matter what set backs we have I keep the goal in mind and continue to adapt to make sure I get there. So even though we might not open up on the date we planned, its O.K. We will open up soon and it will be Glorious – Motha Truckers!!!!!

Day 7





Thanks to the help of Mr Armor CrossFit (Jeremy Brassard), today our wall ball lines are done. Having the help of someone who has done this all before is priceless. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the help and guidance of the Armor CrossFit family and Patty from CF Fusion I’m not sure any of this would all be happening. So it’s only right that I take the time to just say thank you. I am very grateful.
We also picked up our first set of atlas stones. These are badass! Thank you Jesse. Now starts the final push to open up in a week. This week will be hectic for sure but I’m stoked and can’t wait!!!

Day 6 Recipe for success.

Work Plus Rest equals progress. The goal today was to clean up a little, review our list of things to do and see where we stand. As I sat and thought what I was going to write about in my post it occurred to me that this process is a lot like our fitness program. The past week we gave been building, dragging, pulling, pushing things around. This is much like the training we do all week. Today was more like a rest day but the point I’m making is that progress would be hindered in the absence of rest. Rest and recovery is not as exciting. There were no pictures to post today. It’s the intangible piece of the puzzle that we so often over look and under-appreciate. Without it there is no sustainable progress. Both aspects of our training are equally important. Work plus rest equals results!