mon 10/2/17

CrossFit BattleCry – CrossFit

Solidify Warm Up (No Measure)

300 M Jog

10 Hand Walk outs

20 Pushups

30 Air Squats

40 Hollow Rocks

50 Plank Taps

Max UB DB Snatches in 3 Min (Max UB Db Snatches in 3 min)

You can only switch hands at the 90 sec mark. If your first side fails before 90 seconds wait until the 90 second mark to start with the other hand.

Score your total reps plus the weight of your dumbbell x 2

Kakamoo Renegade (Time)


3 Pwr cleans

2 Front squat

1 S2OH 155/105

Kakamoo BattleCry (Time)


3 KB cleans

2 kb Front squat

1 S2OH 70/53

Use one KB

Switch hands as needed

cool down 6 (No Measure)

Shoulder Smash

Passive Bridge Hip Stretch using wall ball underneath

Banded shoulder stretches

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